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> Spotify is rolling out new feature Blend, Which allow you to create a playlist for You and Your Bestie.

> If you are Spotify user, Then you can use Blend feature to make Bonding with your Friends or Loved one.

> The new Blend feature of Spotify will be available for IOS user's, Android user's, PC/LAPTOP user's and on a



Spotify is officially rolling out its new feature for global user's which allows you to create or share the playlist feature called Blend with some changes. In early Junes Spotify launches the Beta version of is new feature Blend, As a new way for two user's to create Playlist and Mix their musical tastes into one shared Playlist build for them. This make user's to discover, connect, and bond over the music the love with one or friend's and another. Now with the help this feature the user's experience will become more better and this could be make Spotify best music app. This new feature Spotify's music taste match scores to see your music listening preferences compared with your loved one or friend's and shareable music data stories that are unique to every listening pair and it can be shared across Spotify social channels.

How to create Spotify Blend Feature:-

  1. Open Spotify app.
  2. Click on Search Button
  3. Search Blend
  4. Head to Made for two
  5. Click on Create a Blend
  6. The invite option will generate a link which you can share with email and social media apps.

Spotify Blend


Blend feature, Which will be get updated daily and adapts a more musical taste based on what listeners stream, Merge the best of Spotify's playlist personalization and synergetic playlist functionality into a single shared Blend, This to making it easy for user's to get into a Blend social listening Session that is made for your Lovers.

Blend playlists will also make new cover to art of music taste will make it easier for user's to identify different blends created with different friends and bestie's.


  • Blend feature will help you to create bonding with a friend's or your Loved one.
  • Blend helps you to merge playlist with your friend's so you both can listen and get same musical taste.
  • You can get the result of musical taste match this means how similar music listening you and your loved one listens and favorite.
  • Blend helps to make new friend's to friend's for ever.


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