How To Delete Paytm Account - Close Paytm Account Permanently


How To Delete Paytm Account - Close Paytm Account Permanently

Delete Paytm Account Permanently

Delete/Close Paytm Account :- So here I will share How To Delete Or Close Paytm Account Permanently. Also I will share method to Delete Paytm Payments Bank Account Easily without any problem. There are different working methods. Applying these tricks you can able to do this by Mobile App.

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How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently Best 

4 Working Method With Full Guide :

How to delete paytm account by app in 2021 - Paytm account deletion method is not an automatic process you have to do it manually. you have to do some methods and requests to paytm technical team and they will delete your paytm account manually. So if you really want to delete your paytm account so you have to requets or apply methods with full details. Read Carefully and Apply Any Method.

Note - Paytm Technical Team Cannot Delete Your Account Without Any Proper Reason.

Before Delete Paytm Account Must Remember 

Some Points 

  • Paytm Account Balance Should Be Rs.1 Or Below
  • Paytm Bank Account Balance Should Be Rs.1 Or Below
  • Your FD Account Balance Should Be Rs.1 Or Below Rs.1
  • You Have To Submit Valid KYC Document For Close Paytm
  • After Close Paytm Account Your Paytm Bank. FD, BUsiness Account Everything Will Be Closed Permanently

1# Method – Delete Paytm Account Via Paytm 

Chat Method

  1. First Login in yor paytm account which one you want delete or colse\
  2. Click On Left Top Corner Profile Button
  3. Then Scrool Down and click on 24 x 7 Help & Support
  4. Scrool down and click on View More
  5. Then Scroll Down and click on Profile Settings
  6. I want to lose/delete my account
  7. Then click on Yes
  8. Explain why you to close/ delete paytm account with details on the message box and attach the documents and send it
  9. Finally, submit your details
  10. Within 72 hours paytm team will send you a confirmation sms on your email / registered phone number
  11. Then you have to click on link and delete your account

2# Method –  Delete Paytm Registered Number & 

Change Paytm Phone Number

  1. Firstly you have to login your paytm account app
  2. then click on the left top corner profile section
  3. click on edit profile
  4. there you will see the phone number, just click on edit the number and enter your non registered paytm account
  5. Now click on the save button
  6. so after that you will receive a otp on a new number you entered just write the otp and verify your number
  7. After that your old number will be deleted permanently from payrm app

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